We Are AeroPro

We are AeroPro

A group of enthusiastic bike racers based in Brighton who pack a punch! We are a south coast crew who love cycling, who always aim to punch above our weight. We’re fearless, ambitious, and highly motivated. 

But beyond all the playful banter and bravado we are serious about what we do, we’re here to create interesting exciting apparel for the serious cyclist, for those that want something different and to enhance their cycling experience and performance.

We want to give our audience, the obsessive, focussed, single-minded riders who live and breathe marginal gains but want to look sharp, cyclists that are always looking for new ways to make themselves faster and more competitive, to give them something new, something progressive. A niche, punchy cycling apparel brand that not only makes you go faster, but makes you look sharper!

Our point of difference is that our products are underpinned by proven aerodynamic evidence through rigorous wind tunnel testing. We want an aero brand that has speed, style, and aerodynamics at the heart of it, it’s in our DNA and it flows through our veins at 200bpm. We’ve achieved this by using innovative Italian aerodynamic fabrics mixed with a super-fitted pro race-cut design. The outcome being the reduction of drag resistance and improved efficiency, of up to 9.9%.

We have a story to tell our audience, to evidence the benefits of our products, show the speed, wattage, and the drag efficiency saving against some standard off-the-shelf similar apparel. We have spent time in the wind tunnels with some of the industry's best aerodynamicists at the Silverstone Sports Hub and the Boardman Performance Centre. Our scientific wind tunnel testing shows considerable gains against standard kit, making some AeroPro products, when tested in the drops and hoods at 30 and 40 kph saving on average up to 22.7 Watts.

Look fast, race fast and come to join us for the ride.

Contact Us

Contact us via email - sales@aeropro.uk