Our Objective

Our objective is to create a unique brand and a stylish series of products that puts aerodynamics and pro style race fit designs in the heart of its DNA. 

We’re straight talkers so let’s be clear here, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, or claim to be the fastest on the market, or even that we’ve invented innovative new aero fabric for the world to see, nah!..far from it. What we do is take the two important aspects that enhance performace, pro style race fit designs + selected aero materials and put them together, simple. 

We’ve delivered a series of premium products at an affordable price with the ability to gain an aero advantage. We've tested some of our products in the wind tunnel to compare overall data including speed, wind angles and rider positioning. We've also tested against some other branded standard off-the-shelf bib short and jersey apparel. The results are available to see in our drop menu top left.

So we wanted to create something exciting and progressive that makes you look good and feel good. We hope you like.